Watch your Career as a Chef Take Off by Following this Simple Guide


Some people eat to live and few people live to eat. If you belong to the latter category and simply love churning up scrumptious meals or experimenting with existing recipes, then surely you aspire to be a world famous chef one day. While the gap between aptitude and aspiration may seem sky high at first, it is important for you to bridge that gap if you hope to fulfill your dream.

Here is your 5-point guide on how to become a chef:

Do your homework well

A chef is a broad term for professionals who prepare meals, supervise dishwashing, serving and all the culinary aspects of hospitality. To avoid squandering your energy hither thither, ensure to carve out a niche for yourself. If there are certain food items that you love experimenting with or are drawn to, consider becoming a chef that specializes in preparing those items. For example, you can be a fish cook, a saucier, a vegetable cook or a pantry chef, to name a few.

Understand your behavioral nuances

It takes more than culinary knowledge to become a successful cook. You also need to hone your interactive skills and welcome criticism without resentment. Apart from that, dedication is important too as is a keen sense of consumer behavior. To fulfill your food entrepreneur dreams, it always helps to have sound business acumen.

Enroll yourself for adequate training

On-spot training is sufficient for short-order chefs and fast-food chefs, but to qualify as an all-round cook you must seek training at a culinary school, wherein you can take up subjects like Human Relations, Business, Nutrition and Foreign Language. Additionally, vocational programs offer holistic training on kitchen etiquette and basic cooking methods like grilling, baking and broiling. Programs of longer duration often lead to a three-year degree that qualify you as a chef specialized enough to handle banquets, lavish brunches, barbeques and even small weddings single-handedly.

Scout for chef jobs far and wide

Once you have a recognized degree in formal culinary training under your belt, it is time to hunt for commercial kitchens that can hire you for apprenticeship. Take care to design your resume with great detail and ensure to back it up with a flawless cover letter. Hone your communication skills and shake off your nervousness to brace yourself for the interview.

Become invincible

Once you have landed a chef job for yourself, don’t just stay smug and sit on it. Instead go out of your way to innovate on the kitchen recipes and showcase your talent in the most unique way possible. When you stay one step ahead of your boss, success will knock at your door. Mind your P’s and Q’s and be as polite as you can. Remember, however superb your cooking skills may be, if your work ethics are questionable, you can never make it to the top.

This completes the beginner’s guide on how to become a chef. Writing these 5 steps was easy but following them will take immense time and hard work. At times you may feel like giving up but your dream should urge you to try just one more time. Remember, mistakes are the portals of discovery and no job fits this description better than cooking. After all, the best recipes of the world didn’t spring up overnight; they were the result of trial-and-error, repeated failure and above all, rock-solid determination.