Top 5 Hotel Style Deep Fried Recipes

Nothing is more appreciating like enjoying a good deep fried dish in a serene environment. Most people drive miles to their favorite restaurant to enjoy their number choice of deep fried dish. But thanks to this guide, you can possibly enjoy mouthwatering restaurant deep fried snack right in the comfort of your home. Following are top 5 hotel style deep fried recipes worth checking out. To Get the Best Deep Frying Results, you will need to get the best deep fryer

1. Dragon Chicken Recipe – Restaurant Style

Not only is this recipe crispy and hot but it is also easy to prepare. Dragon Chicken is perfect for all occasions and can be enjoyed in all moods. This is one recipe you cannot be able to get rid of your guests when you prepare it. Its aroma and taste is irresistible and never bank on leftovers. Dragon chicken recipe is popular on hotel menus and easiest yet scrumptious dish to be prepared at home. The crispy cashew is what gives the Dragon Chicken the heavenly taste.

2. Restaurant Style Chicken Lollipop Recipe

Just like its name, chicken lollipop is appetizing and famous dish in restaurants in India. Everything about it, from the taste to appearance makes this dish inviting. The tomato ketchup gives it even a more juicy taste. This mouthwatering snack will leave you licking your fingers. Chicken has never so tasty, thanks to hotel style chicken lollipop recipe.

3. Hotel Fish Fry Recipe

Nothing stirs up your appetite like a restaurant style deep fried fish coated with masala if the marinating is properly done. This is one of the best recipes for deep fried fish lovers. This is a succulent fish recipe prepared in mixed together diverse flavors and can be served with slices of bread, rice or even taken alone as a snack with ketchup.

4. Paneer 65 Restaurant Style Recipe

Paneer 65 hotel style deep frying recipe originated from Southern Indian. But it has now become the most popular mouthwatering snack in popular hotels in India as well as other five star hotels internationally. Paneer 65 is ideal choice for side dish in cocktail parties and can also be introduced as a first course meal. Spice lovers can go for this hot and spicy recipe. The dish is juicy succulent in the inside and crispy on the outside. You can choose to eat is alone or serve it with bread, rotis or naans.

5. Fried Chicken Kababs

Restaurant Style Hotel style fried chicken kebabs are very different from the normal type of kebabs prepared by grilling. Just one bite is even to make you crave for more. The batter coat on the chicken kebabs gives the scrumptious snack a delicious taste. It is loved by many for its amazingly distinguished taste. Every bite satisfies your taste buds with its crispiness on the outside and juiciness on the inside. This is a recipe worth trying.


If you are planning on pulling the most unforgettable cocktail party of the year, the above deep frying recipes can come in handy.