How to Can Green Beans with a Pressure Cooker

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Green beans are one of the foods that are easy to grow in the home garden. However, green beans need to be properly preserved in order to avoid botulism. Botulism is a very life threatening kind of food poisoning, it is therefore very important to ensure you preserve your green beans and do it correctly. Below are steps that will help you know exactly how to can green beans with a pressure cooker.

The first thing you will need to do is pick some tender and fresh pods from the garden. For a 7 quarts canner, you will need 14 pounds. Once you have done this, the next thing you need to do is wash the beans. You need to ensure they are thoroughly clean since you do not want to have microorganisms on the beans. After washing, cut the ends off and cut the beans to desirable sizes. 2 inch pieces are the perfect size since they are not too small and the beans will fit perfectly in the can.

The next step is to decide on whether you are going to cold pack or hot pack the beans. A lot of people believe that cold packing means that they should not process the beans. This however is not the case. With both hot and cold, there is some sought of processing required. Hot packing requires boiling the beans for 5 minutes. Once this is done, drain the water, pack the beans into the jar and add clean boiled water to it making sure to leave an inch of headspace. Cold packing on the other hand involves adding raw beans to the jar then adding boiled water leaving an inch of headspace. Once you have filled the jar, it is important to remove the bubbles from the jar. This is done using a plastic knife or utensil. Simply run the knife between the beans and jar. After removing the bubbles, clean the jar and close it with a lid.

The next step is to get the filled cans in the best pressure cooker for processing. When using cold or hot pack quarts, you will need to process the cans for a period of 25 minutes. If you are using pints, this will be done for 20 minutes. The pressure and the time you use for processing will however depend on the altitude. One the time is off, turn of the heat source and remove the pressure cooker from the heat source. After this, you are supposed to wait for the cooker to cool before you open. You should only open the lid when the cover lock has dropped down on its own. When the cover lock has managed to drop, you will need to remove the cooker regulator and allow the cooker to cool for at least 10 more minutes.

After the cooker has cooled, remove its lid and take out the jars. It is advisable to place them on a piece of cloth such as a towel in order to allow them to cool down. Shortly after this, you will hear the pop sound that tells you the process was successful. Wait for about 24 hours to make sure the cans are completely cooled and ensure to label the cans.

In conclusion, if you follow these steps, canning beans using the best pressure cooker is a very simple task as long as you do everything right.