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The Ultimate 10 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

In every new kitchen set up, you need to purchase the top 10 must have kitchen appliances. These appliances play a major role in making kitchen life simpler and more comfortable. There are many kitchen gadgets and appliances advertised all over. Keep in mind that the more gadgets you have, the more cluttered and less practical your kitchen becomes. In order to make your kitchen useful and well-appointed, you just need have must-have appliances.

Below are 10 must have Home Kitchen appliances:

Deep fryer

Most of us truly love any type of fried food that you can think of. And while some may think that the process of deep frying is quite intimidating, it actually is quite simple, and can be even simpler for those who have read best home deep fat fryer reviews and invested in best deep fryer for home. Cooking experts recommend purchasing a turkey fryer with an immersion heating element. These types heat more quickly than other models and will ensure an even cooking process. Get the top one after reading this deep fryer reviews

Slow cooker

With this appliance, all you need to do is to put your ingredients in it. Then set it and keep wait. You’ll soon have a great meal without major clean up mess.

Food Processor

This appliance is important in case you are interested in reducing time taken to grate, chop, or grind. It will definitely make you’re your work easier. In addition, you can use it to make pie dough, puree sauces, or slice vegetables in a matter of seconds. It’s a perfect appliance for those who want to keep off mundane tasks and move direct to cooking process.

Mortar and Pestle

These appliances are great for crushing garlic or herbs as well as grinding spices. A mortar and pestle is a cheap, easy to clean and easy to store. It’s also suitable for the environment since it’s used by hand.


This appliance is used to quickly and uniformly slice vegetables into small pieces.

Stand Mixer

This appliance is used to mix cookie dough, cake batter, as well as whip cream in a matter of seconds. However, it’s highly recognized in bread making. You can also buy other additional components that will allow you to grind meat, churn ice cream or make pasta.

Toaster Machines

Who can make it without the iconic toaster in the kitchen? Whether you use it to toast English muffins, waffles, or bread, this machine is another must-have that will make your kitchen well rounded with the right kind of appliances. There are many kinds from which to choose, so do a little homework about what is the best for your situation.


Many people enjoy having a blender on hand that allows them to make that morning or evening smoothie or homemade milkshake. In case you want to blend foods, prepackaged supplements, or baby food, there are several systems to accommodate just about anything you have in mind.


This appliance is a favorite tool used to grate citrus zest, hard cheese, chocolate and garlic. Microwaves provide the capability to warm, cook, defrost and roast. In fact, if you go a step further and purchase a combination microwave and convection system, you can do just about anything without ever using your oven. These can be found reasonably priced for just about any size kitchen.

Electric Mixers

Rounding out this top 5 list of preferred kitchen appliances are electric mixers. If you ever need to bake anything or make great mashed potatoes, you will appreciate having an electric mixer on hand. There are any number of needs that this little appliance meets so it’s very useful to have one on hand.


While there are many other useful electric gadgets that many people choose to add to the new kitchen setup, be sure to collect the most important first so that you have the basics on hand. Compare prices, features, warranties and quality before selecting your 10 must have Kitchen appliances.